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The Realm For Men

 We have Men's Hooded Wool, Fleece, and Linen Cloaks, and Capes,
Friar's and Monk's Robes for sale! 
Our Men's Cloaks, Robes and Capes can be used for  SCA, LARP, and Ren Faire Costumes,
or for everyday wear.

Thank you for stopping by, please enjoy your visit!

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A true warrior polishes first his soul, and then his sword.


Men's Fellowship Cloak
Fleece: $169.99 ~or~ Wool: $239.99
Men's Friar's Robe
  Men's Monk's Robe

                Melanie -- The robe arrived today, in time for our "official" opening on Thursday.  It's magnificent!
How wonderful to find care and attention to quality and detail in today's mass production society. 
Thanks for your extraordinary efforts on our behalf. ~  Bryan, Isle of Shoals Productions, Inc., New York (Friar's Robe)


Men's Kingdom Cloak
  Men's Shire Cloak
  Men's Dress Cloak

Melanie!   Such joy!  Such rapture!  This evening I opened my front door to check on the cat
and there was a box with my new Brown Friar's Robe!
So beautifully made and so quickly and kindly too,
all of which I am extremely grateful to you. 
Thanks so much and have a wonderful season and new year.  Peace to you---Harry--

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