Seven Streams Photos of our Norwegian Forest Cats, Kittens and Friends
(in their forever homes)

Click on the picture of The Three Musketeers  to view more fun photos of our Norwegian Forest Cats!!!

2014...A New Year...A New Chance...A New Pet
Some people
have cats
and go on
to lead normal lives.

  Hello all my Wegie Friends!  I'm finally getting time to get some of the pictures you've sent in up. 
I really can't believe all of the cool pictures that you have sent, and I want to thank each and every one for taking the time to send yours in.

It is obvious that your kittens are so loved and well cared for!  Love all of you and it's always so good to hear from you.  Your Friend Always, Melanie

Will's beautiful sister Natalie with Ffaine
He is the best cat, EVER! He loves to play tag (kind've hide and go seek mixed with tag), be held, comes on command and is the best natured cat we've ever had.  
You breed wonderful animals.  Thanks for sharing. Cathy M
Cathy M

Hi Melanie!  Ffaine is fantastic. He's recovered from being neutered brilliantly.  Everyone that meets him falls in love with him!  
We got to keep him for the two weeks before and after surgery and now he is back with his rightful owner (Will) and we mope around the house missing him.
 We keep watch on your kitties as you post pictures and if you ever have another litter like Ffaine and his siblings, well good luck resisting that! - Catherine 
 (Update:  Catherine was unable to resist and has a deposit down on an upcoming litter!)

Hi Melanie:
Since it is coming up on a first birthday for Magnus, I thought you might like to see some pics.  The Christmas photo is at the golf cart parade at our house in AZ.  He loves to ride in the golf cart!  His favorite thing is to go in the golf cart to the dog park and run with the small dogs!  He's bigger than most of them.  I had house guests last week and I always tell company that the guest room is a "no cat zone.  Keep the door shut" Not everyone appreciates our buddies.  Last week our friends came and they are not animal people and definitely not cat people but they were very tolerant.  Magnus zeroed right in on this and was obsessed with Valerie.  Every time she sat down he was rubbing against her leg or climbing on her shoulder.  I could not keep him away.  That night, Magnus was camped outside her bedroom door sleeping.  He usually sleeps in our bedroom. When Jack got up to go to the bathroom, Magnus zipped into the bedroom , jumped on the bed landing on Valerie's chest.  He put his paws around her neck and started licking her face! Jack put him outside the door again and he sat there for an hour crying and clawing at the door.  I slept through it all.  A few days later, they were looking at a house to buy in our neighborhood and Valerie said. - If we get this we can babysit Magnus for you if you're gone!  I just about fell over laughing.  They hated cats!
Love our boy!  Old Champ is 17 so I am sure in the next few years we will be ready for another kitten. It'll be double the fun!

Here's Huskar (aka Talieson) faithfully
brushing his teeth every other day. 
Cats everywhere should learn from his example.
If Huskar continues to grow at this rate,
a new couch may have to be ordered.

Huskar also knows the value of a daily dose
of vitamin D.
ere is one cat that not only knows what he ought to do but actually does it.
After all his chores are done,
he takes his daily nap.  (One of them).

What a coat!   What a tail!  The amazing Uno has it all!

Hi Melanie,
It's been awhile since we sent pictures of the kiddos - UNO and Beanie...we took
pictures last Saturday on their bday - they have grown since we saw them for the
first time....We love seeing your new kittens....they're soo cute!!' Sooo tempting
to get one more :)  take care!! Jorgelle

Hi Melanie,
Below is a link to the pictures Joe has taken this year of Benny and Keri. They are such good pals.
I think there are some really nice shots in the batch. Benny has decided that he likes to sleep in the sink.
One day I walked into the jack and  jill bathroom and he was sleeping in one sink and Keri was sleeping in the other.  
They are very sweet together. Keri is a little doll and loves to sleep on my chest while I am watching TV.
Benny brings us gifts of his toys every day. He loves to play and is full of energy.
Hope all is going well with the spring litters. It is fun to look at the new kitten pictures.  Take Care, Mary


Melanie, ... Sammy is so precious and we love him so much. He is a special boy... All three of our Wegies are amazing cats and they mean the world to us. Junior is so amazing how he takes care of and loves Sammy and Sammy thinks Junior is just the best, which he is. It's like Junior knows he is his brother, maybe he can smell it in him, or sometimes I think Junior believes he is one of his brothers he was raised with in Oregon who just finally made it to Florida. I don't know, I just know their interaction is unbelievable. Sammy is like Junior's shadow. Whenever Sammy loses track of Junior around the house he walks around looking high and low and calling for him. Sammy is a huge eater. He loves raw fish and chicken, canned food, we are using the Wellness grain free, and Wellness Core grain free dry food. Sam weighed 8 pounds at 6 months, not fat at all, just big, growing and lean. Our beautiful Annie is very sweet, she also interacts well with Sammy. She has to be the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen. Everyone comments about how pretty she is. I couldn't help it but we are proud of them and I had to send you a few pictures.  Thanks, Shirleen and Larry.  

The Trio, Scorpion Hunting.
The "Meerkat" Tinker performing "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas"
for the family's Christmas entertainment.
Love her beautiful gown.  I've got to find out the designer!

Here is Bootsie hugging and kissing Laura's arm.
She calls him "My boyfriend."  (He thinks he is).

The beautiful Nancy with the equally
beautiful Tinker.

Annie has become quite the young lady. Gorgeous and proud. It must make you feel
good knowing your charges are maturing into such fine felines...Kay

  I'm going to make sure mom takes me.  In the meantime I'm going to hang out in her suitcase!  

Hi Melanie! Happy Wednesday. :) 
I got some cute pictures of Wicket. I thought if share them. 
He follows me everywhere I go, until my husband gets home, then I'm invisible. He is my husbands cat now, I might need another one. Lol 
He has an appointment to get fixed and microchipped, maybe if Trevor drops him off and I pick him up, he will love me more again. That is my plan anyways. That and feeding him treats. 

I hope all is well with you! Wicket sends his love! 


"Best breed ever!!"  says April, with her Benjamin and Amber.

Gandalf arrived safely on Sunday, (after his flight was delayed 4 hours!!). First let me say, what an awesome kitten. We are all enjoying him so much. 
When I picked him up at the United shipping terminal, it was a busy, loud, open air facility with forkifts buzzing back and forth, metal containers crashing and I see the United Employee not exactly handling his crate gently. I figured, this poor kitten is going to be traumatized, terrified and its going to take him days to get over all of this. I looked in the cage expecting to see a cowering, frightened animal…….Nope, not in the slightest. There was Gandalf, cool as a cucumber. When I got out to the car, I opened the crate to inspect him , and he casually stepped out and started purring (loudly) while I pet him.  After an hour drive, I got home (my wife and Amanda waiting anxiously) and let him out of his crate in a quite room, we wanted to give him a peaceful place to acclimate, he sauntered out of the crate and introduced himself to everyone immediately. He did not want to stay alone in the quite room at all, but wanted to explore and be around all these new people. Things were going so well, we cautiously introduced him to Charlie (our 80 pound Goldendoodle) Gandalf walked right up to the dog and they sniffed each other nose to nose. The dog even seemed surprised that this little kitten was so inquisitive and showed no fear. Charlie has accepted the cat from the first moment. 
What an affectionate, gentle, inquisitive and brave little cat. He is integrating so well into our family.
Thanks again, Frank

Beautiful Annie
The inseparable Jr. and Sammy
 Sammy and Annie eat a lot of raw chicken, chicken hearts, and fish but Junior won't
 eat much of it. Sammy is doing great, fitting right in. He is such a joy,
 we love him so much. He is very energetic and he seems to be a real happy
 cat, big talker and pur box also. Sammy weighed 6 pounds at 18 weeks. I
 believe he is going to be a big boy. I couldn't resist sending you a
 couple more pictures of him. One is of him hanging out in my shower. The
other is him hiding in the Christmas tree after he climbed it. Shirleen
 had removed all the ornaments but I hadn't put it in the shed yet. So he
 thinks it is there just for him. Love and gratitude, Shirleen and Larry.

Hi Melanie, hope everything is going well for you. I just wanted to send you an update on Sammy along with a few pictures of all our Wegies. Shirleen and I are very proud of the kids. Sammy is doing great fitting in with his new family. In fact we think he believes he is "in charge" of the whole household. He is definitely a type A personality. It is interesting how each has their own temperament, all very loving but different in their own way. The first day we set Sammy up in a quiet private room but it was pretty evident he didn't like it. He hid under the bed and cried periodically. Whenever Shirleen would talk to him he would calm down. By the second day you could tell he was restless to get out. I'm sure he could sense the other cats in the house and I think he wanted to join them. So we closed the others off in half the house and left the door open so Sammy could explore a little more. He came out immediately but went straight to the other doors that were closed and started crying to get in with the others. So we gave up and let them all meet. Sammy did not make a good first impression. He came in growling at Junior and Annie and kind of unnerved them. They are both so sweet and loving and not used to any negative vibes. I'm sure Sammy was just putting up a defense mechanism. Well it didn't take Sammy long to figure out he had took the wrong approach and he put in to buddy up with Junior. Junior accepted him immediately, it is like he knew Sammy was his baby brother and needed his attention. Now it is absolutely unbelievable. Sammy loves and adores Junior and is like his shadow hanging with him all the time. He thinks his big brother is just the best and I know he is. Junior is so patient, sweet and loving with him. You just wouldn't believe it. Junior loves, babies, and grooms Sammy all the time even though I can tell Sammy gets on Junior's nerves with his constant pestering. They play and wrestle together and could not be a better pair. Shirleen and all our friends can't believe it but I'm not surprised. Junior is a special cat and I think Sammy will be too. Sammy is still working on his relationship with Annie. She is a little more sensitive and his first antics sort of put her on guard. They are getting along good also, starting to play together some and she has licked him on a few occasions. Sammy is a BIG eater. We have fed him a lot of chicken, chicken hearts and gizzards, and fish which I caught. He loves it all. He is a beautiful boy, very energetic. We love him dearly already. On a more somber note, I did notice on your Vet's medical report for Sammy that he noted he had a very mild heart murmur. Our Vet said she could definitely hear it but also thought it to be mild and estimated it to be a grade one on a scale on one to six with six being the worse. She said she did not think it would be a problem or cause him any restrictions or affect his quality of life. She will monitor it at each visit. Our Sonny also had a heart murmur and he lived a good quality of life and lived to be 16 years old so we'll pray for the same for Sammy. Thanks so much for letting us get him, we love him and will provide him with the best of care. As always, Love and Gratitude for all you do. You have enriched our lives. Please check out the pictures. Larry.
  Cats love Christmastime
are are always available
and willing to help with
the decorating.
Happy New Year!

Thank you! Here's a picture of Marco (Alvin). He's doing so well. He's very playful, but also quite calm for a kitten. I lose track of time when I'm playing with him.
I was almost late for work yesterday! He's such a joy - just perfect.


Wicket is growing up so fast! He is so much fun to have around, even when he's trying to paw food off our plates. He's a fast, high jumper and he wants to eat anything that is in his range. :) 
His favorite place to sleep is around my neck and he will stop whatever he is doing if he hears his name, and will come running to see if there's a chance to get some extra attention. 
Every day he gets closer to being able to snuggle with our other cat, he often gets bopped on the head, but it doesn't seem to discourage him from trying to be best buddies. Lol  Holly Williams

Beautiful blue-eyed Tressa

  She just insists on shedding in the winter and being furry in the
summer.  No idea why.  The other Wegies all know fur is good when it is cold and not
so much when it is hot, but she is little Miss Tressa with Attitude and insists on
being different.  I attached a photo from Christmas Eve  - she is laying on my
slippers.  For some reason she thinks the place where I put my feet makes a good
pillow....  She does still sleep under the covers every night, but at some point she
gets on top of them because I always wake up with her curled up next to me on top of
them.  And then I think she laughs when she gets to stay there and I have to drag my
rear to work...  Don't tell Cyrus, Angel, and Spirit, but she is and will always be
my favorite...  She is the most talkative as well and has the sweetest little voice.
 She doesn't just talk, she sounds pretty doing it.

Here is a link to some of T-Bo's pics. T loves to be held (especially first thing in the morning) and he is always looking for an excuse to purr.
He really likes to watch TV and likes “Must Love Cats” and other Animal Planet programs.
The pic link takes a minute to load.
Answering your question below...I really wasn't looking to breed, just thinking about another one in the future. 
Steve Buck

Hey just letting you know we have successfully made it home with the little guy!!! He is amazing!! He has warmed up great with us. 
He loves our other kitten!!  He is roaming the territory now as we speak lol.  He is sooooo amazing!!! We just love him already! 
Thank you so much for everything!! I will keep you updated with pics and everything!! Thank you again, Deborah

bailey and Hennessy (2).MOV
Melanie...Bailey was neutered this morning.  Poor baby.  He is a happy kitty!  I think they forgot to weigh him today, but he's HUGE.  I am guessing 8 pounds, but he is looooong.
He loves to play with Hennessy (the 18 month old lab), and he sleeps next to me and Hennessy (when he's not playing).   He is very healthy and happy.  ~  Andrea

Tucker (aka Lionel)
  Thank you Melanie, I just want to tell you that I love this little guy more every day...He is changing so quicly and he has this cute shyness about him...especially when he wants to sit next to me...
He sort of slips in if he thinks I am not sweet..So happy I found your website! ~ Rebecca

Keri is such a doll. She has blossomed into a real beauty and is definitely my girl.
 She loves to snuggle and bump her head against my chin. Now that's heart melting.
They are both my babies.  Feel free to use the pictures on your site if you wish. 
Take care, Mary



Talorgen is having a ball!! He gets his raw chicken and can food with a side of chicken leg, man he loves it (he is the king).
tonight I had grilled a small sirloin rare, and he and scruffy joined me at the table, man he loved it.
scruffy on Sunday and Monday gave me the impression she was going to devour him but the are great friends and can they play!!!
now I feel comfortable letting them all sleep wherever, tonight 
he is fantastic!!!!! and well behaved!!!!
thanks!!!!!Foster Rizopolous from Washington

Thought you would appreciate the turn of events below.
Mary Kuniski(Keri taking a mom role)

I would like to know what kind of an animal you sold me.  Polly eats like a horse, & chews (shoe laces, quilts, cloth tote bags) like a puppy!
   Polly is enjoying her FL winter vacation though.  Thanks.  Margie

Yes Merlin is becoming a beautiful boy. What a coat he is getting. His

 color is so beautiful. He is the neatest cat Melanie personality wise
and healthy as all get out. I couldn't be happier with him.

Here's Merlin with his new mom, Sandy
And look at that boy now!  What a tail!

Knut is the BEST!! Very loving and kissy. Only eats raw meat and Science Diet
kibble. Never cat food. He has a best friend black cat. Going in to get fixed
Tuesday. He keep string to rape his best friend...

He's about 10 lbs, born in April. Is he still growing?  We love him, thank you!!!!

Leslie Gustafson

Knut the Cute


Icie has moved in completely! He has picked out his own bed, has the run of the
house, has made lifelong friends with Kimi and runs everywhere he goes.

This morning he gave an instructional demonstration of how to chase your own tail to
the rest of the pride. We had 14 people in the house yesterday for Christmas dinner,
Icie was not even phased by all the commotion, he just cruised around daring people
to pick him up, which they never could because of how fast he can scamper away.
Lends truth to your comment about trying to out run a kitten!

Olga and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Maid Maleen was a little more difficult to name. We loved the name Maleen, and at
first thought it fit her well. The only trouble is, our daughter, Molly, didn't like
that her name was so close to her name!! (We had a wonderful Springer Spaniel named
Maggie and the first time I said "Maggie, go clean your room" and "Molly, kennel up"
we knew we had to be more careful with names. :-) ) And, Maleen is a PISTOL!! She is
energy plus. She is smart!! She is in charge. And she took her time getting to trust
us and love us. She was "standoffish" for the first 2 weeks and not as loving as
Memo. But after 2 weeks she is my darling. Like Memo, she too has held my face in
her paw. She is a cuddle bug, and she HAS to be with me every minute. Lou and I have
named her Ziva, after a character on one of our favorite TV shows, NCIS. Ziva is an
NCIS agent. She is beautiful, mysterious, tough, a former assassin, and loyal. Memo
likes the assassin reference, and we love the beautiful and loyal reference. Plus,
we think the name Ziva is a pretty name. She is so beautiful!!

Melanie, we cannot thank you enough for our new kitties. They are so fun to watch
and to love.They play constantly. When they are not playing with each other, they
are grooming each other and/or cuddling with us. They have lots of toys that they
love, from the $25 Crazy Pants to the free paper bag. They are in a happy routine:
meal times, bed times, play and nap times. Their favorite time of day is chicken leg
time. 😊 They love each other, they love their home, and they love us.

We couldn't be happier! They are smart, interesting and so totally interested in
what is going on around them. They LOVE exploring the whole house. They are
sensitive to us. As you know, I have wanted a NFC since my Puma passed away in 1998
but I also knew that one cat can't replace another. But these little guys remind me
of Puma at every turn. They are their own precious selves of course, but they just
warm my heart in so many ways. Thank you for the great start you gave them and thank
you for allowing us to be so blessed with your kittens. We will stay in touch and
will continue to send you pics as they grow.

Much thanks and warm regards,
Mary Lopez

(New picture of Memo)

Rab is definitely sweet like the Velveteen Rabbit, but we have named him after one
of our favorite flowers, Sweet William. Except, with the Hispanic twist, he is
Guillermo, which is Spanish for William. And the Mexican nickname for Guillermo is
Memo. So our boy is Memo. Memo warmed up to us right away. The 2nd or 3rd day with
me he gently placed his paw on my cheek and won my heart forever. He is tender,
loving, and my lap baby.
The picture of her is from last weekend. She and I were watching the LSU game and
when she figured me to be real involved in the game she would slide over to try to
drink my sweet tea.
 As you can see from the pic her tail is really filling out. It's still hot here but
I believe she starting to put on her winter finery. Hard to tell from this picture
but her mane is filling in beautifully.
 This cat has being sweet down to a science, soooo cute. When she wants to show off
she throws that tail up and curls it over her back waving it side to side prancing
around so pretty like.
 She gets along great with her new kitty friends and is already a well established
member of the krewe (Cajun term). She's the best tempered cat I've know, except
when she's having her chicken. Everyone  knows not to mess with Punzie's chicken
she'll give a bit of a growl and pack off with it if you try to get after she has
 I'll try to send some pictures when she grows a bit more.
Thank you for everything Ms. Melanie
 Ron Slay Rapunzel

Lexie decorating the house with her presence
Lexie getting to know her new family members

Well, she is 6 months and doing great.  Except for the occasional elevator pee, she
is just the best kitten. She has full run of the house all the time now, even when
I'm gone. She is not a big eater but is growing strong and bigger.  I'm still
keeping the foods separate and will continue her on wet kitten for another 6 months.
She's quite a talker and loves looking me square in the eye to tell me whatever her
kitten brain is saying. :>)
I hope all is well with you and all your guys. Saw you still have some kittens. How
many did you have this year?  Just think how many people you made so very happy!!
You said your new guy is still a kitten. How old?  He looked pretty mature. Still
can't wait to see what little ones he sires. ~ Diedre

 Happy New Year from Kyrie and Iben in Wyoming!
 We are doing great...!

 They are as different as night and day.  I love them to pieces. Kyrie is in your face affectionate! He has great eye contact and likes to be cuddled.  He chatters at me a lot. You described Ibn's personality well,
he is not quite as engaging as Kyrie.  He does not make eye contact often which makes training a little more challenging, but he is wicked smart.
I have a very thick rope that is doubled and lays over the log access to the loft.  I had wanted to train my older cats to use it to access the loft.
However, I think I introduced a little too late and shortly after I did was when we lost Beowulf.  He was the one most likely to use it and then he would teach the others.
Ibn learned by himself...the log and rope are close to my bed.  One evening, I watched as Ibn just sat on my bed and kept looking at the rope.
He would look up and down...and I could see the wheels turning.  I knew what he was doing and sure enough he got his calculations right and away he went.
He can scale 6ft of rope in seconds and it is his preferred method of accessing the loft. 
Then over the next couple of weeks he spent time with Kyrie and now he can climb the rope too.  It is very cool.  I have never seen a cat do this, but figured they would be capable.

Bailey and Stoli living a life of ease and plenty with Andrea

Nothing prettier than a cat in the snow.  Here's Annie enjoying some winter fun.

It's perfect! Thanks so much for all your efforts. You sure are making our New Year start out grand. We can't wait to meet the pretty boy. Happy New Year to you. You have enriched our life so. We get so much enjoyment out of these Wegies. Wishing you the best year ever. Love and so much gratitude, Shirleen and Larry.

Ziva and Memo loved hanging out under the Christmas tree. They never tried to climb
it but I think they imagined they were in a forest. Here's Memo helping me deck the halls. Though he never climbed the Christmas tree,
he loved the ladder!!

She's also a big fan of "her" tree. Just don't ask her how that branch got bent down
.... Jay K. Aria under tree

This cat is ridiculously beautiful

Btw, I have never lived without a cat and none have been this affectionate. My
husband says he's never witnessed anything like this. Tuulikki actually takes my
face in her paws and kisses my eyes ears and lips. I am definitely her pet.
    So tender and sweet

Annie and Zeke are wonderful family members...
and two and a half almost.  Still kittens. - Kay from Washington

I take my coffee black

Oh my we are having a Bella type of day.  I guess that's what I get for leaving the top off the kitty treats.  Hurry mom, I think I hear a fax coming,
oh yes, let me stick my paws into the machine and get it out!  Silly Bella Boo...

Hi Melanie, The boys are doing great and now living in Beaverton, OR.  It was kind of rough, but we finally completed our move from California.  My wife is working in downtown Portland and had to start a new job on 10/1 so we were apart for almost 2 months while the cats stayed with me.  We eventually had to fly them back up to Oregon but got a direct flight and it went smoothly, so they are here now, happy, and getting big!

We have our first snowfall tonight. It's lovely! Here is a new pic of our babes.
Ziva adores her brother, Memo. And they both just love to lay around anywhere they
can. Like here in the shower! Memo even likes to go in the shower when the water is
running. They are so much fun.
Thanks so much! I think of you often and of the wonderful work you do with your
kitties. ~ Regards, Mary

Thanks Robert for the picture of Sugar Maple!
It's always a good idea to have a bathroom with 2 sinks.
One for the cat to rest in, and one for human use.

We also wanted to let you know that we are so happy and thankful that Sugar is in
our life now. She has made is very happy! We will never forget our old Norwegian
forest cat Sunshine but Sugar has made it easier for us.
Hope that you are doing well and hope to hear back from you soon.
We also thinking of getting another Norwegian forest kitty from you in the near future.

 Sweet William in his new home
"Hi Melanie,
I really need to know if all Weegies are big personality like he is.  I don’t want to mislead people and tell them they are all like him when I get asked about the breed. 
I can’t tell you how many people have expressed an interest in getting a kitten.  I’ve been sending them to your web site.
 He was the center of attention at a family gathering I had yesterday – 30 people for a sit down dinner!  
He even upstaged my darling little granddaughter.  I was amazed how gentle he was with her. 
 She’s only 2 and couldn’t keep her hands off him but he was amazingly tolerant.
Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to our family."   ~  Esther from Washington
Hi Melanie! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I
thought you might like to see a picture of Aria with Julie. Any time Julie lays down
for a nap Aria figures it out and comes to purr by her. It will be interesting to
see what Aria thinks of the baby once she's born.

Hope you have a great weekend!
-jay kappelusch

Widget is a eater!! Tonight she was getting lovey dovey after she got her food on her face and in her hair!
Just thought I would share a few pics! She doesn't like the dogs yet but she is starting to tolerate them. She is awesome.

New picture of Benny and Keri sent in by Mary from TX.
Couldn't resist sharing it with you.
This is what you call "bonded."

  Oh , Melanie... What an amazing animal!

I took the babies outside for the first time today. It was such a beautiful day out
today! They have harnesses and leashes and longer ropes. Ziva wasn't as enthralled
with the great outdoors. She preferred to be inside, the expanse of outside was a
little much for her. Memo was in heaven, though. He stayed around me while I did
some yard work. He caught a few bugs and missed even more. He was very content and
happy. I'm sending you his picture on a huge moss covered rock. He really liked the
softness of the moss and rolled around on it. What a lover he is. They both are so
sweet and loving.  Mary Lopex in Ravensdale, WA

I have good news!!!

It was a 4 ring competition today. Jewel was Best of breed in 3 rings and Dio won
7th best kitten!!

So honored to send two of my kittens to Malaysia!
They arrived safely, and spent a week in quarantine, where Shereene faithfully visited them daily,
and are now safe in their wonderful new home.
Shereene tells me:
" I'm so so in love with them Melanie!! Can't thank you enough
for sending them to me!"

Here is Jewel, doing time
Here is Dio at Shereene's Pet Store, trying the furniture  out
to make sure it's suitable for pets

This is Rula, Shereene's little girl, bonding with Dio.  If this doesn't melt your heart, see your doctor.   :)
Babies arrived safely!!!! They are so gorgeous Melanie!!!!! Thank you so muchh!!!!
My heart melted when I saw them. When Dio saw me he was begging me to let him out!
Both started playing the moment I let them out! You were right the are little
wolves! Both ate 2 cans of food each! Ate the 1st can then pee pee then continued
eating, stopped to play for awhile then asking for more food. Fed them the 2nd can
and half way thru pooped! Then continued eating!! They were so funny!!!

It was definitely worth the wait. Thank you for entrusting them to me. I will love
them to bits! Boy are they gonna be spoilt! I hereby send you some pictures of
them.  Melanie I can't thank you enough for trusting me with your babies!! xxx
They send this hugs and kisses to you!  Lots and lots of love,

  (I warned Chet about renaming his kitten Sir Mischief.  It was a self-fulfilling prophecy, haha)

Update:  Melanie,
Sir Mischief the magnificent has completely charmed the entire staff of my vet he's almost eight pounds...
I had him neutered and he's doing fine eating like a horse and growing like a weed.

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for the birthday wish, I suppose you would like to hear about Sir Mischief in a word he's purrrrrrfect a purrrrrrfect little monster that is you didn't tell me you were sending me a kleptomaniac first he steals your heart and then he steals anything and everything he can get his paws on his latest exploit yesterday was to to remove our ceiling fan remote from the wall open the battery compartment and steal all four batteries we're still looking for one, you also didn't tell me he came with a 20 minute quick charge "sleep you must be kidding I'll sleep when I'm dead" he purrrrrrs constantly loves to snuggle and I've taught him that snuggle is not a time for teeth and claws, he comes to his name because there's something good each time he responds he love to bath you and is a great little alarm clock usually about 0400 his scratching post will never be the same and neither will our bedspread and if it's not nailed down it must belong on the floor in short he's having no trouble living up to his name.
Have a great day.

Joy and Lexie watching the birds! 

Just an update on this Lexie's adjustment.
She's doing just great.
Ollie  and she get along famously and even Joy has finally stopped hissing. There's
occasional times when she may get a little perturbed but for the most part everyone
is getting along quite well. Lexie is very much able to hold her own. She is a
strong little girl and not timid or shy.  She adapts to people she doesn't know very
quickly and well.
~ Diedre from Florida

Cloud By Day checking out First Snow...thanks for the great winter photo Kate!

New pic of Sweet William in his new home in Washington with Esther
I thought you  would like to see some pictures of the most spoiled cat in the world!  I can not tell you how much in love with him we both are.  My husband is gone on a trip and he called to remind me to play his favorite games with him in the morning!  He’s not a cat  -  he is a labrador dog in cat fur.  When company comes, he has to be the center of attention.  He jumps on everyone’s lab then romps and plays with all of his toys to show off, then back to his meet and greet!   He has definitely made cat lovers out of some who were indifferent before.  I always explain that this a very unusual cat – it may be characteristic of the breed to some extent but, he is over the top. 
He is going to be a very big boy.  Right now he is eleven pounds and I swear he grows in front of my eyes.  His feet are like snow shoes!  He eats mostly a raw food diet but he does get some canned and dry as well.  When we travel and the cats can’t come with, I’m not sure if the Cat Spaw wants to bother with my raw food so they need to eat everything.  He eats like a teenage boy – I can’t fill him up .  I started giving him a meal right before I go to bed.  Otherwise he would wake me up at 5:00 AM for breakfast.  He eats 1/2 can of wet food , 2 meatballs that I make up for him and about 2/3s of a chicken leg every day.  In between, he nibbles at the dry food.  Its all going into bone and fur because he is not fat.  He’s starting to grow his winter coat and I think it’s going to be magnificent. His fur is so soft and silky.  I put ground flax meal in the meatballs I make plus a little flax oil.  I just don’t want to use anything fish because of the experience with old Champ.  I’ve been using ground turkey, heart, liver, gizzards, eggs, brewers yeast, and some shredded spinach. He begs for his meat ball like a dog would beg for a bone!  ~ Esther

You will be happy to know that my vet fell in love with our boy!  Vets are
always so nice anyway.  After pronouncing him in excellent health she said
that you must have very good blood lines.

Memo and Zeva (Maid Maleen and The Velveteen Rabbit) comfortably established in their home
with Mary and Lou in Ravensdale, WA. 
Completely unaware that tomorrow morning may be the worst day of their entire lives!
A visit to the vet to be fixed!  But that's not the worst of it, the worst is NO BREAKFAST!!!  That's pushing it for a Wegie.

Hi Melanie. Hope all is well with you! I have started teaching and am now enjoying
our 3-day weekend. The babies are sad to see me leave in the morning but all is
joyful when I get home again.  They have Lou to themselves all day long and all is well.
Ziva (Maleen) and Memo (Rab) are both so loving and sweet.  I can't love on one without the other coming too, swishing their tail all around, wanting equal love time>
We have had many housefuls of people this summer and Memo and Ziva love it!  They are curious and friendly with everyone.  Memo is especially gentle and patient with the younger kiddos who still have to learn cat etiquette.  both kitties have been the hit of every gathering we have had.  I could not have asked for better cats. 
Thanks so much, Melanie!  They are purrfect!!!  Best Wishes, Mary


  I noticed Punzie has a new set of brothers and sisters, So cute!
 Punzie is such a precious part of our family. Everyone who meets her for the first
time is captured by her elegance she's so beautiful and now that her winter coat is
filling in she's looking a lot like her dad from the pics I've seen of him
 I'll send some Christmas pics of her to you (and the tree she'll most likely
dismantle) she loves things that dangle of any sort, to play with.
 One interesting development is she's taken to me so much she's gotten to where she
only likes the boys at first. She's pleasant to everyone she first meets but will
only freely goes to the men. She'll hop right up, uninvited!
 We love her so much. She's very much a cat but also very well tempered.
 Thankfully she finally figured out that lights out at night means time to sleep and
not attack your feet as they move under the covers. I think she has the sharpest
claws of any cat I've met
 She also loves helping Tina work on papers she brings home in the evening or at
least dive under them and strow them around.
 Thanks a bunch
 So grateful for Punzie
  Ron Slay


Bootsie lives in the lap of luxury since moving to his new home.
Click on the video below to see him in action with Laura.

Omg... I'm over the moon ... In love...
I've have cats all my life but she may be the best... So gorgeous.. So silly... So
gentle and sweet!!!!!!!!...
I'm sending some photos of Tuulii... She is truly a little Goddess just

like her name: Tuulikki Little Wind..... Goddess of the Forest
 And oh my, but she growing like a weed. I suspect she will be a very big cat....
     I just adore her!...
She continues to be the loveliest most charming kitty I've ever known.

Dear Melanie I hope all is well with you down in the southern part of our beautiful
state of Oregon. We can't express how thankful and grateful we are for finding you,
and for you allowing us the chance to get one of your adorable kittens. I know you
have been doing this for some time now but I think I have the best one of your Miss Fingerprint is the most lovable and gentle kitten that we have
ever had. There is not one shy bone in her body at all, from the moment we let her
out of the carrier she has been taking charge of everything. She is getting our
other 2 girls Endora and Peaches to come around pretty quick. She follows them and
just wants to play, and now the hissing has slowed way down and they are starting to
come up and check her out. We have been feeding them all together so that does help.
Also to let you know we are feeding her extra protein and she has no problem telling
us when she is hungry. We want to thank you so much for the wonderful gift that you
have blessed us with my friend and we will never forget you either, plus who knows
we might find another one we can't live with Also in closing I don't know
if you use Facebook but Fingerprint is now the keeper of Suspect Mcnash Memorial
Wall on Facebook. Every night I post a view from the eyes of the cat and all of my friends just love the post.
Well my friend again we thank you and will be in touch.

 Love Denzel Ron, Endora,
Peaches, and Fingerprint too!

First Day Home

in his
new home
in Alaska
with his
new Mom Leslie,
Ragnar the poodle,
and one of the cats.
All getting along
really well,
Leslie tells me.


So I'm doing good. My mom says I'm the perfect cat. I still love you Grammy. I hope
all my siblings are loving their new homes.
Update:  Merlin's laying in my lap sleeping. He is so adorable. He has the best
 personality of any cat I have ever had. The sweetest too.
 I call him little Mir and his tail goes up and he talks back. Just adorable.

Bella being bathed by Diva.  Thanks Tina for the beautiful pic!
A new picture of Bella (Shiraz) from the Seventh Heaven litter.
Are those the most beautiful ears you have ever seen, and check out the lynx tips!

Hi Melanie. 

We made it home just fine. The kitties (Rab, really) cried off an on for the first
hour but after that they slept the rest of the way. We have a mud room which is set
up to be their space as they adjust. We kept them in there when we got home,
overnight, and part of the next morning. They found the litter boxes just fine and
had their first few meals in there before we opened the door. They were pretty cute:
Wanting to explore right away, but not very far. They'd walk out of the mud room a
few feet, then RUN back to their "safe place." I'm so glad they feel they have that
safe place.

By now, they are following me all over, coming and going as they please, playing all
over the place, and Rab even is taking some of his naps on my lap. He also searched
my hair for a spot to nurse but didnt have any luck! Maleen has to be near me (and
her beloved brother of course!) and will sit by me on the couch, but not quite ready
to cuddle on my lap. 

They are so precious and fun to watch and to play with. I have some pics I'll
attach. They aren't great quality, but I think you'll like them. :-) Maleen is a
little tougher to photograph. She is to fast for slow me and my slow phone. We are
so thrilled to have our babies and they are already part of the family. Thank you so


I put the food dishes up after the kids ate.  I glance over and see Bella sitting on the stool eating like a person.
I just love it when Diva wraps those big black and white paws around me and gives me a bath.  I may be falling off the couch but I love it!

Here is a picture of Orca as a baby (top right).
What an amazing transformation in one year!
Here is one of Hadassah's boys, now at a year old.

"Finally, I am able to take a picture of Orca. This photo is one year and
 7days old.  Did i tell you how much he loves water?  He put his toys in the
 drinking water bowl and he takes out of it.  He then plays with water
 around the water bowl.  Wish i have swimming pool and  he will jump right
 in.  Sometimes he sits in the sink even thought his butt gets wet.  I love my baby!
Orca is sitting on my lap right now and keep purrrrrrring, triiiiilling.  60-80 horse power purring machine!" (Mi Madden)


I'm resting up for when Merlin gets here. I probably won't get much sleep when he gets here.

I can hardly wait.   Love Josh
Here's little Merlin, first day in his new home with Sandy, Tom, and Joshie.
He fell asleep while trying to text me,
to let me know how much he likes it there. 
Click on link below to see his first
Home Video!!


I can teach my little brother Merlin to do this. We will have fun him and I.


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